Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sale and Inspiration

Hello -

I am hosting a site wide sale today (February 15) for Tuesday's Treasures.   Receive 15% off your entire purchase.  Just enter discount code FEB15.  

Did you watch the Masterpiece Classic, Downton Abbey?  While following it week to week, I have been busy creating lots of new items so keep checking back in the next few days. 

Also, I found some of the most beautiful stationery ever.  It is designed by Kelly Lynch and the company is called Flourish.  Since she does not have a web site, I am going to be able to have it on IBJ.  It is stunning and I really think you will like it.

As you all know from my lack of blog entries, it is something that I struggle with.  Well, not anymore!  I need to give a shout out to Debbi at MarionberryCottage.com.  She has the most lovely blog and has inspired me to do more blogging, so watch out for that!  Please make sure to visit her at:


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