Monday, October 18, 2010


I was watching a movie the other day and noticed that people really seemed to enjoy the art of writing.  Not email and quick notes, but letters and journals.  Today, it seems almost foreign to tell someone you will contact them via the mail, or snail mail as it is now called, and the recipient will receive your response, information, whatever you are sending in about five to seven days.  In Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet received a very long letter from Mr. Darcy explaining in great detail events that she needs to know.  He did not stand there and try to have a conversation with her.  He needed to go into great detail, and conversation just would not do.

Also, people wrote journals, collected items in scrapbooks.  I know you can keep a journal on a computer, but what if you want to save some little trinkets, tickets, papers.  My family and I went to a football game the other day.  Of course, I kept the tickets and took some photographs, but what to do now?  Well, I decided to create a mini scrapbook.  We can add the tickets, any photos, and add any writings and we will have it, right there, in one place, nice and organized.  We have so much fun creating these, that I decided to include Altered Books in the boutique.

This book has ten pages, approximately five by seven each, that can hold all of your own writings and those special little items that you want to keep, but will get lost if you do not put them someplace special.  I will be adding more designs to the boutique shortly.  Be sure to visit online at: 

Let me know if you have any thoughts or special requests.